Outline by Frank Parsons

Miriam started skating at quite a late stage of her life as far as international skaters are concerned. She started skating in 1986 at 11 years of age.

Her father, who was a sportsman (a gymnast) in his earlier days used to be in charge of all her off ice training. She was originally taught skating by Reg Park, then went to Magda Mayer for a while, came back to Reg again then had a brief spell learning from Wojceich Bankowski. After this she came back to Reg again then had almost a year in Colorado Springs learning from renowned American coach Cathy Casey.

She came home directly from the States to skate in an Australian Championship and skated quite poorly (as quite a lot of our skaters who do this sort of thing are apt to do) and not long after this gave up competitive skating.

She always kept up her friendship with Reg Park who managed to persuade her to make a come back, and at this come back in Perth is was evident that she was skating better than she had ever skated before, but it has taken her up until these championships to show her full potential and be able to do it in front of the judges.